Full control over the sun exposure with a wearable and an app

360° approach to sun protection

We do not always see the sun, but it is always there. It can be healthy, but it can also be dangerous. One of the consequences of the uncontrolled sun exposure is skin cancer. According to, every 5h person on the planet might develop any form of skin cancer within a life time. The incidence rates continue to rise and especially children are at risk. Sunscreens only partially solve the problem and we still do not know how much time we can spend in the sun safely. 

We target the problem from different angles: determine personal safe sun dose, control your sun exposure and analyse the skin changes and sun exposure over time. We want you to enjoy the sun without bad consequences for your health.


Uvisio smart pin measures your sun intake every time you go in the sun so you do not have to worry about sunburns


We use your skin type and historic sun exposure to give you personalized sun exposure and protection recommendations

Sunscreen tips

Do you use sunscreens correctly? Check the efficiency of your sunscreen, get to know your time of exposure with your sunscreen and follow our tips

Your sun expert in your smartphone

Skin type test in app

Multiple profiles for your family members

History of sun exposure in a log

Sun intensity forecast and personal tips to plan your day

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Who is behind UVISIO

The idea for this device and the technology originated from the personal experience of one of the founders, a former skin cancer patient. Today we are a team of experts with years of experience in the software and hardware development. Our product will help to quantify the hidden and dangerous UV exposure and prevent sunburns and skin cancer without avoiding sun consumption.

  • Larisa Kryuchkova
    Larisa KryuchkovaBusiness Development

    Ind. Eng., MBA, experience in electronics and e-commerce

  • Vlad Hayrapetyan
    Vlad HayrapetyanBusiness and IT Development

    Dipl. Information Technology, MBA, experience in IT management, IoT, ML

  • Frederic Lynker
    Frederic LynkerHardware Development

    B.Eng. Electronic Systems, M.Sc. Computer Engineering, experience in developing hardware for healthcare applications



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