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Personal approach to sun exposure and skin care

UVisio uses technology to make sun protection and skin care the most effective and personal, for each individual, for each skin condition. Our technology includes a wearable device to measure individual UV intake and give timely information when protection is needed. Skin analysis tool in the app helps to get the right amount of sun and sun protection specific to each skin.


Growing awareness about sun damage and skin cancer has made sunscreens into a necessity. However, many personal factors play a crucial role in using sunscreens effectively: sun protection factors, individual skin types, sun intensity and proper application.


One of our founders experienced skin cancer herself. She could not find any solution that can help her understand how much sun was enough for her skin. We learned that people are too careless about their sun protection because they do not know how much UV they get. With UVisio people can make informed choices on sun protection to help prevent serious health problems.


UVISIO B.V was incorporated in the Netherlands in February 2017, it has headquarters at HighTech Campus in Eindhoven. The company’s investors include HighTechXL and Startup Bootcamp.

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E52: people are not careful enough when it comes to sun protection

“We do not always see the sun, but it is there, and one of the consequences of uncontrolled sun exposure might be skin cancer. Skin cancer rates are rising all over the world and the sun protection we used before is not enough anymore.”